Our Mission

  • Impexum aims to minimise the impact of industry changes or business closures on companies and their employees.
  • We do so by offering the opportunity to profit from unwanted industrial goods or surplus stock.
  • Our knowledge of and connections to the different markets and industries across the world mean that we can take on all kinds of cases – from agricultural machinery to medical equipment.
  • Our work also supports industry elsewhere in that there are many companies who can still make meaningful use of the machinery or parts that you no longer require.
  • There is no need to sell working, if outdated, machinery for the price of scrap metal – Impexum ensures that you not only get a fair price, but also that the machinery finds a new home.
  • Additionally, in order to ensure our customers’ satisfaction, we provide a complete service in the form of our site assessment, machinery dismantling, transportation and sales teams. No need to make hundreds of calls to separate service providers!
  • With extensive experience in importing and exporting industrial goods, the Impexum team knows how to ensure the professional and efficient handling of each case.
  • We offer the solutions you are looking for.
Minhaj Ulhaq Impexum Transport Handel Geschäftsführer Logistik

“I am working to promote environmentally-friendly and sustainable business practice by making it as easy and cost-effective as possible for companies to reuse and recycle.”

Managing Director Minhaj Ulhaq

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