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IT-Solutions – Warehousing – Liquidation – Industry

Located in Gau-Bickelheim – Germany, Impexum Group has specialized in these four branches to offer every customer the expected results to their issues.

We handle your request professionally and take care of your concern, as if it was our own. With our high standard of customer service, we promise you will be completely satisfied with the outcome. 

Our knowledge and our world wide connections to different markets and industries, help us implement win-win situations for our customers, our group and the environment. We feel the need to have a strong responsibility towards social issues and helping to create a more sustainable future.

Therefore we offer you:

IT-Solutions and Hardware, fit for your needs to assure the best possible performance of your company, providing smooth processes throughout your system.

We provide you with the unique opportunity to store your stock in our secure warehouse. This allows you to avoid the expenses and environmental impact of transporting your goods over longer distances and also enables you to supply your customers more quickly.

Liquidation to us, is helping companies develop, giving businesses a chance to thrive and making progress together towards a future, in which we see less waste and mass consumption. This is why we buy whatever you have to sell, no matter the item or its condition.

Initially, when Impexum was founded, our primary focus was on Industrial goods. Industrial goods are the most sustainable and reusing these products has a large impact on decreasing waste and pollution. They are also cost-effective and reliable. We can offer you a large variety of industrial ware and components, and will also buy the industrial equipment you wish to sell.

Impexum CEO

Minhaj Ul-haq

CEO of Impexum GmbH

About Us

Started from the bottom – and now look here!

We started as the only buyer and seller of industrial goods in a 2m2 space. Later we moved into a 200m2  warehouse and further became a liquidator for return items of a very well known company. After receiving a direct contract with them, we moved again, this time into a 2000m2 storage hall. Since Decemeber 2022 we are also a partner of Rewe Group, able to offer IT solutions and also warehousing opportunities, like rental spaces and 3PL.

Our Mission

We enable businesses to grow and make progress towards a sustainable future by offering to purchase and redistribute all kinds of goods. We also aim to minimise the impact of changes or business closures on companies and their employees. 

Additionally, in order to ensure our customers’ satisfaction, we provide a complete service, including, but not limited to; site assessments, machinery dismantling, transportation and sales teams.

Our Environment

“I am working to promote environmentally-friendly and sustainable business practice, by making it as easy and cost-effective as possible, for companies to reuse and recycle.”
Managing Director Minhaj Ulhaq

Benefits From Sustainability

You can also profit from all these benefits!

Sales Growth


Increased Productivity


Waste Reduction


Reduce of Business Costs


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