Rent a Space

Regardless of the items you need to store, we provide comprehensive storage rental services tailored to meet your specific storage and logistics needs efficiently and reliably.

Third Party Logistic

If you are looking for a company to ship and store goods for you in Germany or Europe, then we could be a good fit

Fulfilment Centre

Should you be facing the challenge of managing stock, we offer to professionally pack and dispatch your orders for you.

After Sales Service

Your dedicated expert for return services across Europe, whether it's handling, reselling, repairing, or recycling your returned goods.

Welcome To Impexum Warehousing

Warehouse Solutions

Thanks to our experience in e-commerce, we’re a highly professional team capable of managing your inventory and shipments efficiently. Rent a space in our secure warehouse to store your goods and save on transportation costs and time. We handle everything from packing to shipping. Additionally, we offer return handling services for companies, taking care of repairs, resale, or disposal.

Rent a Space

If you are running out of space, then we have more for you. Simply rent storage space in our warehouse.

Third Party Logistics

We offer to store and ship your goods for you. Our warehouse is located in the Rhein-Main area of Germany and is only 2km from the highway, it the perfect location for logistic services. We are a DHL key account customer and our parcels are delivered to our customers in Germany within 1-2 days. We can offer you fair prices and an all inclusive service.

Fulfilment Centre

If you are challenged by managing your stock and orders, we could be the right fit for you. Please get in touch to discuss your individual requirements.

After Sales Service

We streamline return processes for online sellers, promoting sustainability and efficiency. Instead of returned items traveling long distances, sellers can redirect them to us for comprehensive handling. We assess each product meticulously, categorize them accordingly, and expertly repack for reuse or resale. Sustainability is at the core of our service, minimizing the environmental impact of returns. Moreover, we offer optional resale opportunities on our platforms, providing added value to our partners. With our tailored solutions, sellers can focus on their core business, knowing that returns are managed responsibly and effectively. Trust us to optimize your return process and uphold sustainability principles.

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Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information or have questions about becoming our partner.

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